Membership application for Full Member Non-Prescriber (UK and RoI)


Full Member Non-Prescriber membership is open to non-prescribing professionals, regulated by the GMC, NMC, GDC or GPhC, whose supporting prescriber is a CMAC member. Please ensure you have your prescriber's and your own PIN number before starting your application. (If you are resident outside of the UK and RoI  please apply as an International member.)

We will need proof of your medical registration (PIN number in the UK, link to register elsewhere), and you are required to read and agree to the Membership Terms and Conditions.

Please note that the application process is not automatic, it is managed by a real human and as such, subject to delay due to working hours.  Please bear with us. If you do not see an email from within 3 working days, please check your spam/junk folders.

Membership cost : £125 per annum, for individuals only.

We reserve the right to charge a £40 admin fee for fast-track membership applications.


  • complications guidelines
  • professional expert advice
  • practice standards
  • personal learning resources
  • professional discussion forum
  • emergency helpline
  • collaborative educational resources

for more information about benefits click here

Please read our membership terms before completing and submitting your application form. CMAC member resources, passwords, helpline number, clinical help email address and access to the Facebook forum must not be shared with non-members.

NOTE : Please complete this form without changing pages and check you have an internet connection before submitting the form - otherwise the information you have typed may be lost. Thank you.

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