Membership Information

Membership is specific to individuals, we do not have group memberships. When you become a member of CMAC, you are joining an innovative professional collaborative - a group of highly qualified experts with a particular focus on raising the standard of clinical practice in the prevention and management of complications.

Please read through this page and following sub-pages for all information on membership categories, benefits and application links.

Membership cost: £125 per annum 

Who can join?

CMAC is open to professionals registered with a statutory regulatory body in their country of practice. Joining CMAC requires a simple application and approval process (application links HERE).  Please carefully read all information given, member terms and charter before beginning your application.

Full Prescribing Member - UK and RoI - open to professionals regulated by the GMC, NMC, GDC or GPhC (prescribing pharmacists only)

Full Non-prescribing Member - UK and RoI - open to non-prescribing professionals regulated by the GMC, NMC, GDC or GPhC whose prescriber is a CMAC member

International Member - open to professionals outside of the UK and RoI, licensed to practice in the country they are resident in

Associate Member - non-prescribing professionals (NMC, GDC, GPhC) whose prescriber is NOT a CMAC member.  Access to educational resources only

The benefits *subject to membership category

Complications guidelines (all members)

CMAC prioritise the availability of guidance that is evidence and consensus based. A valuable resource for members, published to support personal competency and designed to assist in the avoidance, diagnosis and management of complications should they occur. They contain algorithms for easy reference, in clinic, when required.

Professional expert advice (Full and International members)

CMAC members are able to access free support and advice for non-urgent complications, directly and in confidence, by email. and via a closed Facebook group

Practice standards (all members)

CMAC members also have access to CMAC practice standards to support them to maintain best practice standards and help ensure their patient journey is safe and well managed. Should a claim arise, it is important to be aware that the professional standards demonstrated (or failure to be demonstrated) can be as important as the clinical competency.

Personal learning resources (all members)

CMAC membership gives privileged access to a dedicated and protective learning environment, designed to assist with educational progression, guidance and professional appraisal. CMAC is proud to be an inclusive collaborative. All members contribute to learning and data to inform best practice.

Professional discussion forum (Full and International members only)

The closed Facebook Group has an emphasis on cases selected and presented by CMAC, facilitating Q&A, interactive discussions and learning.

Emergency helpline (UK and Republic of Ireland Full members only)

We recognise that rapid access to expert and experienced professional support can be vital in clinical emergency situations. As part of our active support structure for members, CMAC provides the benefit of a free clinical emergency helpline facility for urgent expert advice. Eg. A suspected vascular occlusion.

Collaborative educational resources (all members)

CMAC aims to provide members with active, scientific and practical learning via a mix of live, interactive discussion opportunities - as well as pre-recorded talks and analysis by a range of multi-disciplinary experts. Specially produced for CMAC members, these will explore topics in a dynamic and engaging way and build a library of learning resources.

Our members’ charter

CMAC members agree to:

  • commit to develop their knowledge, competence and confidence in the prevention, assessment, diagnosis and management of complications

  • embrace the spirit of collaboration and support others in their learning and development by sharing their experience in a professional manner as per the format required by CMAC

  • provide advice and support to their peers in a professional and respectful manner based on and within their own experience and competence to do so

  • respect the value of shared learning and not exploit the group in the interest of their own personal or business agenda

  • comply with the terms of the CMAC prescribing partnership agreement (non-prescribers and prescribing partners)

  • respect confidentiality and privacy as per the CMAC Privacy Terms

  • not to use the name of CMAC, its officers or members, or its intellectual property, publications or promotional materials without permission. Such permission will be assessed upon request or notification


“Alone we can do so little, together we can do much.”