6th and 7th October: IET London: Savoy Place

A full agenda will be released shortly, in the meantime here's a preview (but please note that this is subject to change):

When The Lights Go Out

Vision loss whether temporary or permanent remains rare, but potentially catastrophic. Speakers present actual cases and explain the management which succeeded and the mechanisms involved.

Speakers:  Mike Clague (Australia), James Neffendorf (UK), Patricia Barrera (Argentina)

Delayed Events

The late and delayed events continue to be challenging to diagnose and treat.  This session revisits some basics and unpicks the details of actual cases, to navigate management planning.

Speakers:  Tom Decates (Netherlands), John Blythe (UK), Patricia Barrera (Argentina)

Threads Three Ways

Threads have become increasingly popular and regulations (UK) fail to protect the public from harm. This session covers complications with threads and three different approaches to management.

Speakers:  Greg Bran (UK), Rosa Sigrist (Brazil), Victoria Manning (UK)

When Hyaluronidase Won’t Serve

Hyaluronidase has become the gold standard for management of complications with HA fillers, This session looks at cases with popular non-HA products and how they were managed without hyaluronidase.

Speakers:  Sharron Brown (UK), Julie Kaplan Bass (USA), Jair Mauricio Cerón Bohórquez (Germany)

Knowledge Evolving

CMAC recognizes knowledge and practice standards in the management of complications continues to evolve. In this session, we look at new knowledge and opinions, on new and old thinking.

Speakers:  Steve Harris (UK), Leonie Schelke (Netherlands), Dr Alberto Leguina-Ruzzi (Czech Republic), Kami Parsa (USA)

Novel Tools

Hyaluronidase continues to dominate, along-side the old favourites of antibiotics and steroids, in this session we look at adjunctives; old favourites and new kids on the block.

Speakers:  Eric Bernstein (USA), Steve Weiner (USA), Cormac Convery (UK)

Cases, Cases

The majority of us have little experience with our own complications, access to learning from the experience of others is vital, so in this session, we have made space for some interesting cases we can all learn from.

Speakers:  Alexander Rivkin (USA), Mobin Master (Australia), Stella Desyatnikova (USA)

Flag Waving

Speakers:  Steve Harris (UK), Emma Davies (UK)

We all learn to spot the red flags, and we have all experienced the regret when we have missed them, or taken a chance. Steve Harris and Emma Davies role play some consultations based on real experience to then discuss strategies.

Question Time

The panel takes questions and points for discussion from the audience. 

Lee Walker and Steve Weiner will be chairing.