Patricia Barrera MD


Patricia is an aesthetic physician based in Parana city, Entre Rios, Argentina. She graduated as a Medical Doctor from UNR (National University of Rosario) in 2008 and spent 1 year in general surgery residency in addition to ambulance and emergency work. In addition to the UNR degree she also has 4 postgrads in aesthetic medicine and anti-aging (SOARME, CACE, UBA, AMA). 

Patricia is a member of the Argentine Association of Medicine (AMA), and teacher and lecturer in part of the advance postgraduate of aesthetic medicine there. President of AMEDER state association for aesthetic physicians. She holds a certification for medical interpretation in English and Spanish from the University of Massachusetts and completed the lifestyle medicine course at the Harvard Medical School in 2015. 

For the past 13 years she has focused on her private aesthetics practice, always conscientious of safety first. She is an advocate of a healthy lifestyle. Her work is her passion and she strives to make her patients feel safe, comfortable, and happy physically and psychologically with the treatments she does. She is dedicated to helping make Cosmetic Physician a recognized as a specialty in my country, and is proud to support her colleagues as they work to continually improve our field.