Steve Harris MD

Ultrasound of the Lower Third

Saturday 19th November, 09:50


We are in the midst of an epidemic of overfilled faces characterised by anatomical distortions (alienisation) and filler spread (migration). Ultrasound can play a key role in the normalisation of aesthetic results, especially relating to lips where we appear to have ‘lost the plot.’ It allows us to visualise real time individual anatomy not only as a guide for preventing and dealing with complications, but for ensuring normal looking aesthetic results. In this session, the use of ultrasound will be demonstrated with specific examples involving Botulinum Toxin and soft tissue filler treatments of the lower face.

The Psychology of Hyaluronidase

Saturday 19th November, 16:25


There has been much controversy surrounding the dissolving of fillers using hyaluronidase with many claiming the enzyme has caused them physical ‘damage’ with psychological fallout. The psychological effects of dissolving fillers are very poorly understood but appear to range from mild concern to extreme anxiety and depression with reported cases of suicide. A recent qualitative study examining the motivations for overfilling lips may help to understand the psychology of reversing fillers. In this session, the results of the study will be discussed, in particular diagnosed, or undiagnosed mental illness on a spectrum of body image related difficulties.

Dr Steve Harris MB BCh, MSc, MBCAM

Dr Steven Harris  completed his medical studies in Johannesburg in 1997. After working as a General Practitioner for 10 years and completing a further Masters degree in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, he decided to pursue his passion for Art and Aesthetics. Dr Harris has been practicing Aesthetic Medicine at his clinic in North London since 2004 and has gained an international reputation for his ethical and artistic approach. He is also a trainer and educator; his regular educational posts may be viewed on Instagram @drharrisclinic.