Jair Mauricio Cerón Bohórquez MD

Vascular adverse events - case presentation

Saturday 19th November, 11:45


A 41 yr old female patient Fitzpatrick photo type V – VI presented 3 days after chin augmentation with hyaluronic acid-based filler with a stage 3 vascular occlusion. One day after injection quarantine was obligatory due to COVID 19 infection with severe symptoms. A watch and wait approach, 1g of aspirin and tissue warming was decided due to impossibility to asses.  Assessment took place 5 days after treatment and negative COVID test, a stage 5 vascular oclusion was diagnosed with local vasospasm of the superficial chin fibrofatty layer via ultrasound. Dissolving via us-guided low-dose hyaluronidase injection released the vasospasm as well as the pain and pressure immediately, the blood flow was increased in the us-duplex imaging. An early-induced multimodal scar therapy was performed. After all, the patient shows minimal scarring and hyperpigmentation, the outcome of the chin augmentation was not influenced, no re-treatment was needed.

Board certified abdominal surgeon with emphasis on aesthetics, anti-aging medicine and cosmetic surgery. Trained at University Hospital Eppendorf in Hamburg/Germany, Asklepios Medical School Hamburg/Germany and Hannover Medical School Germany, where last 2 years of plastic, aesthtetic and reconstructive surgery training took place. Guided Dissection Anatomy by Dr. Kestemont and mentored by Arthur Swift, Mauricio de Maio and Gerhard Sattler in Filler- & Neuromodulators Therapy and Liposuction. National and International Speaker for Lutronic Medical Systems Germany GmbH. Owner and Clinic Director of Medical Contour in Hamburg and cooperation partner of Cosmopolitan Aesthetics Hannover GmbH.

Member of the German Society of Surgeons, German Society of Botulinum- and Filler-Therapy, American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and International Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

My love, passion and dedication to my work are the drive to satisfy my patients with the best possible treatments.