Nicola Lowrey PA

Why we get neuromodulator complications

Sunday 20th November, 11:05


All drugs, whether therapeutic or cosmetic, have the potential to cause complications.

When it comes to neuromodulators, very rarely the complication is secondary to the drug itself.

Most neuromodulator complications are caused by provider error.

Toxin administration is an easy skill to acquire, yet a difficult one to perfect.

The most important thing to consider for the prevention of unwanted outcomes with all neuromodulators is muscular anatomy.

An intimate understanding of the facial muscles including location, depth, action, and synergistic/antagonistic pairing can help you achieve consistent and beautiful results!

Nicola graduated from USC’s Keck School of Medicine in 2003.  She is an advanced aesthetic injector with over 17 years of experience in the industry.

Her work focuses on an artistic, natural, and clinically safe approach with the goal of enhancing her patient’s in the most undetectable, yet powerful way.

Splitting her time between her very busy practice in Manhattan Beach, CA and traveling across the country to train other injectors, it is apparent that education is one of her greatest passions.

Nicola is one of the most requested Allergan Speakes/Trainers in the US. This is greatly due to her training model having such a strong emphasis on anatomy and safety with injectable treatments.

Nicola consistently and eagerly attends advanced trainings all over the world to make sure that what she shares with her students encompasses the most up to date and highest quality education, to truly advance her trainees practice.

“I share everything I know with my students. I don’t hold back. If we elevate each other, this industry only gets better for us all!”

NIcola has a soon to be published book on the horizon,  “AnatomySunday, a Manual for Injectors.” A comprehensive textbook focusing on injector specific anatomy and some of Nicola’s favorite treatment pearls.