Lee Walker BDS

Pathophysiology of blindness related to soft tissue filler

Sunday 20th November 09:25


Vision loss is a rare but catastrophic complication associated with soft tissue filler injection. Cases are often under reported and there is a steady increase of new publications identifying this growing problem.

This presentation will concentrate on the pathophysiology of blindness , including the unique vascular anatomy, retrograde embolism directly linked to pressure, presentation of signs and symptoms, management strategies and risk mitigation. 

Avoiding complications with neuromodulators in the lower third

Sunday 20th November 11:25

Lower face muscular anatomy is intimately linked and is often misunderstood. There are both depressors and elevators in the lower face which contribute to facial expression and the masticatory process. Clinicians often inject these areas without a deep knowledge of muscular dynamics and their relationship with bony and cutaneous landmarks. This presentation will focus on the regional anatomy and Injection strategies to avoid unwanted complications. 

Dr Lee Walker is Director and Clinical Lead at the multi-award winning BCity Clinics, Liverpool and has over 18 years experience in the field of Medical Aesthetics. He has been awarded memberships to the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons in both Scotland and England. He also holds a postgraduate qualification in Clinical Education from the Royal College of Surgeons and Physicians Glasgow.

As part of his commitment to medical safety, Dr Walker sat on the expert panel for the Aesthetic Complications group (ACE) UK to provide guidance and advice on complications related to non-surgical treatments 2016-2020.

A renowned global KOL sharing his knowledge internationally and teaching medical professionals, he is also Co-lead for medical education Teoxane UK faculty. He has produced and internationally published peer reviewed publications on blindness and vascular occlusion, co-authored several chapters in medical aesthetic literature and published a book on injection anatomy and facial aging.