Jake Sloane MD

Avoiding complications with neuromodulator in the upper third

Sunday 20th November, 11:40 (via remote link from Australia)


There is a long list of recognised complications that relate to using toxins in the upper face. Thankfully, the most serious of these are extremely rare. The more common and debilitating issues can be largely predicted and avoided with a systematic and repeatable patient assessment. The use of check lists and consistent clinical photography can hugely improve an injector’s ability to highlight any anatomical pre-cautions before using toxins. This process also helps educate patients why a particular  treatment pattern was chosen, even if it contradicts their initial motivation for seeking a treatment.

Originally from London, Dr Jake Sloane emigrated to Australia in 2015. He trained as a general surgeon for over a decade before dedicating his time to aesthetic medicine. 

With 14 years of experience, he’s established himself as one of the country’s most dynamic and progressive injectors. 

He is a KOL for Allergan Aesthetics. Having been identified as a globally outstanding injector and teacher, he has been mentored by Dr Mauricio De Maio since 2020.

He is a seen as Australia’s most experienced user of Belkyra and has previously been invited by Professor Greg Goodman to teach masterclass courses on the product. He is also a Belkyra complications expert for www.aestheticmet.com

In 2022, Dr Jake has taken on two additional roles. He has partnered with Cutaneous Facial Ultrasound, founded by Dr Leonie Schelke & Dr Peter Velthuis. This is the world’s leading facial aesthetic ultrasound course and in August 2022, Dr Jake hosted Australia’s first course. He has also recently been appointed as a trainer for Profhilo that just launched in Australia. 

Lastly, Dr Jake is the co-founder and co-host of Inside Aesthetics (IA), the world’s most downloaded aesthetic podcast. With over 179 episodes and 730,000 listens to date, IA has become a leading educational channel for injectors in over 100 countries.