Devan Vaghela MD

Pathophysiology of soft tissue filler infection

Sunday 20th November, 15:35


Skin and soft tissue infections in aesthetics occur when there is a breach in the dermal layer with a contaminated needle or cannula. The amount replication, tissue destruction and spread of infection is dependent on the pathogen and size of inoculum.

There is a risk of developing clinical infection with low virulence organisms in the presence of dermal filler. There is often a delay and variance in the clinical presentation. Biofilm and granuloma formation are thought to occur making management challenging. Infection should always be part of the differential in any patient presenting with a complication associated in dermal filler.

Dr Devan Vaghela has been practicing medicine since 2009. He has worked in many NHS trusts across the United Kingdom as well as abroad and is a Specialist Registrar in Infectious Diseases and Microbiology. He has been working in Aesthetics for 3 years, is a trainer with Derma Medical and has his own practice in west london. We are very fortunate to have Dev as part of the team.