Cormac Convery MD

Adverse events caused by devices

Sunday 20th November, 14:05


Treatment plans in aesthetic medicine increasingly incorporate the use of energy based devices. 

Deficient and inconsistent longitudinal training in the use of such devices exposes patients to the risk of adverse effects which can be challenging to manage.

What is the issue and what’s the answer?

Adverse events caused by devices - case study

Sunday 20th November,  14:35

Investigations and testing soft tissue filler infections

Sunday 20th November 16:25


There is often confusion about the management of DONs, beginning with a failure to instigate a diagnostic process. Reactive prescribing, poly-pharmacy style, can render subsequent diagnostic steps ineffective, leading to a protracted recovery and increased risks to patients. What simple diagnostic steps can make a real  change to our patients’ outcomes?

Dr Cormac Convery MB ChB MSc MASLMS, CMAC Vice Chair

Dr Cormac Convery is dedicated to the field of Aesthetic Medicine. A GMC registered doctor with a background in General Practice, he specialised in minor surgery. In 2013 he founded The Bloomfield Clinic in Ayrshire and Ever Clinic in Glasgow in 2017. He has also worked in London Victoria and Harley Street clinics and is an honorary senior lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, where he achieved his MSc in Aesthetic Medicine with distinction. He also sat on the expert panel for the Aesthetic Complications group (ACE) UK from 2016-2020.

With a focus and specialisation in laser practice he is now one of a few doctors in the UK to offer fully ablative laser skin resurfacing in the treatment of rejuvenation and scarring. A member of the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, Cormac is passionate about the inclusion of energy-based devices in his clinical practice, research and training interests.