Ms Emma Kilhooley


Emma Kilhooley is an advanced nurse practitioner in general practice and aesthetic nurse prescriber.

She began her nursing career at Hull University in 2003 and on registration went to work in general intensive care at York District Hospital. It is here where her drive for critical thinking began. Her career progressed in both general and cardiac critical care, including a stint with level three air ambulance services.

Emma is passionate about clinical governance and patient safety, reflected by her roles as hospital resuscitation lead and practice educator.

She started her advanced practice journey in 2015, which lead to her moving into general practice in 2019. She has always been interested in skin and dermatology, and it is this that led her to start her own aesthetic clinic (ACE Clinic, Leeds)in 2017.

Emma is keen to empower other clinicians, developing critical thinking and learning to manage complications.