Emil Henningsen

Emil Henningsen is a Board Certified Dermatologist, licensed in Denmark. He trained at the University Hospital of Odense and Aarhus. 

In 2019 he founded Cutis Clinic, a chain of Aesthetic Clinics, he is the Clinical Director and consults international clients daily.  

He has several years of international experiences as an Aesthetic Doctor and Procedural Dermatologist in the UK and Scandinavia.

Emil Henningsen is an experienced injector in areas of lipoinjection, bio-filling with prolonged PRF, and semi- and non-permanent fillers.

His area of expertise is acne scar revision, whereby he combines tailormade procedures to treat the clients requests. These procedures are for example Taylor Liberator Subcision, punch excision, laser resurfacing, RFM, and many more.

He is also a renowned KOL for Merz & Lutronic Lasers performing live talks and treatments at international conferences throughout Europe.

Emil Henningsen is proud to represent CMAC in his country and to spread out the visions of our wonderful CMAC community.