We stand shoulder-to-shoulder, a like-minded community, to inform, support and empower.


We will foster a spirit of active belonging and as one, we can develop and improve our clinical practice and outcomes .

 ‘E Pluribus Unum’ – ‘Out of the many we are one’. And as one, we are stronger.

Falling is less scary when it’s been anticipated..And when help is at hand.

When you become a member of CMAC, you are joining an innovative professional collaborative - a group of highly qualified experts with a particular focus on raising the standard of clinical practice in the prevention and management of complications.

Our Purpose

  • Maximise safety in clinical practice with focus on improved patient treatment outcomes
  • Provide a supportive service and protective learning environment
  • Empower the membership to raise standards in practice and research
  • Assist with educational progression and appraisal
  • Focus on development of a professional and collaborative spirit, both nationally and internationally

Our Members Charter

CMAC members agreet to:

  • Commit to developing their knowledge, competence and confidence in the prevention, assessment, diagnosis and management of complications

  • Embrace the spirit of collaboration and support others in their learning and development by sharing their experience in a professional manner as per the format required by CMAC

  • Provide advice and support to their peers in a professional and respectful manner based on and within their own experience and competence to do so

  • Respect the value of shared learning and not exploit the group in the interest of their own personal or business agenda

  • Comply with the terms of the CMAC prescribing partnership agreement (non-prescribers and prescribing partners)

  • Respect confidentiality and privacy as per the CMAC Privacy Terms

  • Not to use the name of CMAC, its officers or members, or its intellectual property, publications or promotional materials without permission. Such permission will be assessed upon request or notification

Membership of CMAC is open to professionals regulated by the GMC, NMC, GDC or GPhC (prescribing pharmacists only) and international professionals for whom aesthetic medicine is within scope.

Non-prescribing practioners must have a supporting prescriber who is a CMAC member.

For international colleagues interested in setting up CMAC in thier own country, please contact us with your interest

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